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Watercolour Paint & Brushes: Holbein

Steve is exclusively sponsored by Holbein, Japan.

The wide range of vibrant colours and pigments are a perfect match for his bold and bright painting style. Their excellent lightfast quality ensures his art will stand the test of time and remain bold and vivid.

Steve also doesn't leave home without his range of Holbein SQ Resable brushes - an excellent mop brush with a fine point that allows for large, expressive sweeping brushstrokes and that is able to hold high amounts of water and pigment.

Watercolour Palette: Holbein

Steve also exclusively uses Holbein's 20 Colour Tray Aluminium Palette. The deep wells allow for the mixing of large colourful washes and allow the high quality holbein paints to be re-activated with great ease.

Workshop Equipment

For a list of Steve's Equipment he uses for his workshops, please view the PDF here: 

Holbein Paints

For a list of official Holbein retailers witnin Europe, please view the PDF here: 

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